Chriss to-the-point descriptions tell you whether or not a stock photo site is right for you quickly.
Thats why Chris added a section that outlined the different licenses in words anyone could understand.
Stick to one core theme "What did the fox say?" just wouldn't be the same if we also wanted to know what the eagle, walrus, and piranha say too.
But viral marketing is where you encourage the word of mouth spread of your product or service.Because it went viral, Chriss piece of content has been shared over 240,000 times on social media: That content also brought in 17,584 visitors in one day (more on that later Chriss Skyscraper content has generated over 204,000 total visitors over the last 4-months.Today Im going to show you how one entrepreneur used viral marketing to generate 17,584 unique visitors to a brand new website.Another of my favourites from Kmart is their Show your Joe Christmas advert from the same year (no prizes for guessing why!) with over.3M views.The game remains installed on untold numbers of iOS devices-and each time consumers open the app, Chipotle tugs at their heartstrings and appeals to their stomachs."Write to Play" heralded Playworld's first-ever social media giveaway, and the results are impressive: Not only did its Facebook fan base increase from 600 to more than 9,000 during the two months the contest ran, but as finalists rallied to gain community support for their.LG Elevator Prank October 2012, promoting how lifelike its new IPS monitors, LG pulled this brilliant stunt replacing an elevator floor with the monitors to make it look like the floor was falling away while unsuspecting people were in the lift to hilarious reactions.An honest plug, madison Avenue has always struggled to market feminine-hygiene products, favoring euphemisms like "protection" and "freshness" alongside images of women frolicking on beaches in white pants.In Chriss words: Thats when he decided to try The Skyscraper Technique Heres what happened Now, Lets See The Results Before I reveal the step-by-step process Chris used, I want to show you his results.There is a lot more to cover, but hopefully this post gave you a bit of inspiration about taking action on those random ideas I'm sure you have from time to time.It may be watching a TV show and going into work to talk about it, reaching more people who then watch the show and tell even more people.I didn't have anything I actually wanted to promote in my example, besides a cause that I believed strongly in, so decided to pick up on a news event that a lot of people were talking about: The demise of Google Reader and, potentially, Feedburner.

"I just shipped my pants, and it's very convenient!" enthuses one elderly shopper; another proclaims, "I just shipped my bed!" While some viewers called it "gross" and "vulgar the spot racked up some 20 million views by the end of last year, at one.
Whether that's positioning themselves as someone who is intelligent and in on the latest news (whether it's movies, the next viral video, etc.) or, like me, they wanted to rally behind a cause.
Which boosted the rankings for every page on Chriss site.
Of course, not everything you create with the idea of 'going viral' is going to be a hit.
To promote the movie Carrie, a New York coffee shop was transformed for a hidden camera stunt to capture shoppers reactions to telekinesis.I wasn't actually promoting anything besides having a case study for the book I was writing, but even still, I wanted to at least make it look semi-professional and not just like a random blog post on a website.Here are the stats for the first week of the site going live: To give even more transparency, here's a list of some of the sources which sent traffic.Promoting their shipping service, Kmarts ship my pants advert proved another instant hit, this original has over.8M views.This is where his content started to go viral.Ramsay and, chris for kindly sharing pictures of their cats which I could also use in the comic.He curated a better list of resources Chris realized that bells and whistles like descriptions and images werent going to put him over the top.Then I got to work in Photoshop without caring too much for standards or usability.

Now they average over 2000 visits per day.
In all, "The Camp Gyno" attracted close to 6 million views in its first month online-not too shabby for a video reportedly produced on a budget of just 6,000.
And where do they hang out?