Glue the vincere ipad parts together, and while still dyring, you can take the one with the notch for the next step.
3: Glue them together with superglue.
Also add some traingles, arrows, or something else on the sides to show where the password should.20: I painted it but that wasn't a good idea, so don't do it yet.Similar in style to the cryptic featured in The Da Vinci Code, this handsomely crafted cryptex combination safe features a turning dial that only opens the locked inner chamber when the secret code word is aligned in the index.3: Glue this ring on that tube.You could also just put the same inkin the vial as the ink where you wrote with on the paper, that would also destroy the message.10: The third tube should also get an incision, make this incision a little wider than the first one, because it will be the inner part of the rings.Take a candle and gently burn the edges.5: Take some wood that is a bit round and a screw that can be hold by the Dremel.Here is a blueprint for the cryptex, see the image below.If this incision is real small, the one trying to open the cryptex needs to align the rings extremely straight, that it might even not open when the correct password is there, because some rings are just a little offset.Try to understand it; when you are building this, you should really know what's going.

But look at the cylinder with the yellow border, I made that with the Dremel, it fits in the smallest tube.
He who uses it, will never know.
1: First, if there is rust on your metal tubes, sand it off.27: Put the part we jsut made,.1: Grind one side of the 2nd tube flat.Wear glasses, the screw will shoot away.25: You now have that on the left.Nobody can open it without knowing your passcode, so the mini safe inside is perfect for concealing classified intel, money, jewelry, and other valuables.9: Now melt the solder.If you want more ways on how you could use a vial-break-delfdestroy mechanism, read throught the comments below, there are a lot of people giving suggestions for it, and also on improving the cryptex.The solder should also fill the close the holes with the nails fully.

Warning: You really need to wear glasses with this.